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"Desmond" V-Necks

$ 22.99

Marble Charcol
Marble Blue
Heather Gray
Heather Green

Product Details

This new design was designed with the combat medic Desmond Doss in mind. After watching the movie "Hacksaw Ridge" (if you have not seen it, it's a must), I was amazed by his story. I researched his background and found that his story was incredible. I was a combat medic, so seeing this movie really hit a certain cord in my heart.

Desmond Doss was the epitome of what a medic should be. The disregard for his own life pays tribute to his character and the ethos he believed in. He left no soldier behind.

This design has incredible meaning to it:

  • 22 stars, for the 22 we lose a day to suicide, show on a folded flag.
  • The battle cross lays just behind it to symbolize those we lost in war.
  • The red cross lays behind all of it, symbolizing the importance of the medic.
  • Desmond Doss's famous line from the movie encircles the image.


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