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Thanks To All Who Support Us!

Leigh Michelle

I reached out the Leigh one day after seeing that she was a female veteran and beginning a new path for herself. She has been a huge help in raising awareness of veteran suicide and I am proud to say that she gives us the honor by representing our brand. I cannot say enough about this amazing and courageous woman. I implore you to follow her on social media and support all her endeavors. She has worked hard and deserves to keep rising. Thank you Leigh...




 A really awesome person I met through youtube made this amazing video about our company. He goes by the name Drip46 and he is an Army medic. Shout out to Drip and make sure you follow him and support his channel!




Archie is an active duty service member like Drip above. He also gives advice about the military and offers a great way to get real world questions answered. He is a legitimate voice in the community and offers a little different perspective than Drip does. Check out his channel and the video he did about our company!