I Can't Stand the MIlitary

Posted on January 04 2016

Did that get your attention? Some people feel this way and do not support our country's military engagements. Some people support our soldiers 100%. But whatever your position, veterans issues are completely different. Why?

Because veteran issues should be void of all political and personal beliefs. What it really boils down to is if you really care about other people beyond yourself. Sure veterans may have committed acts of violence voluntarily or may have been "just following orders" but that doesn't mean you condemn them as human beings completely.

Why should you care about veterans even if you are against the things they did? Because they are members in this community. They are a father, mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle etc. They play vital roles in our communities. When we ignore them and refuse to lend a helping hand, what we really do is let down our community. Everyone needs a good solid foundation of friends and family. However, not all veterans have that. They come back feeling alone and most often seclude themselves as they try and deal with their emotional wounds. They were not prepared for some of the things they had to do or had to experience.

What happens when we leave just one veteran to fend for them self? Think about it. Let's say this veteran has a spouse and child. When they get back, their marriage falls apart. The child sees fighting and arguing between their parents. They see the veteran storm off and drown their emotions in alcohol or drugs (not all do this but hypothetically). Children learn from their parents. So they start adopting some of these behaviors. Then the spouse divorces the veteran. Now more than one life is affected. A whole community feels that burden. A child loses the support of a loving home with their parents. A spouse loses their best friend. Family members now have to have to worry about each person.

Sure the above situation may not always happen but it does happen more often than you think. If you could stop that sequence of events from happening would you? Would you lend a shoulder to cry on? Or how about an ear to listen? Most people would do whatever they can to lessen the burden of another.

If we could stop at least one divorce, do you not think that would change the world for the better? if you could stop one suicide, what would you trade in order to do so?

This has always been an important issues to me personally. As a veteran, I know what its like. I would give everything to save the life of another. That is why I started this company. With hopes that we can at least save one life... what would that be worth to you?

How about a simple shirt purchase? One that donates to help veterans with PTSD gain access to a tool the Department of Veteran Affairs does not offer. What if your shirt purchase lead to saving another human's life? How much would you pay for that shirt?

That my friends is the ultimate question. I think our company makes it pretty easy.

Drive on my friends.

Bradley Burnett



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