Why Our Service Shouldn't End When We Get Out

Posted on January 17 2017

Why did you join the military? Many of us would say to protect our way of life and those at home we care about. Regardless of how you feel about the military or soldiers, many of us joined to do something beyond ourselves. It was a way in which we could give back, through service to others. We volunteered to do things that others would not do. Do we then get on our high horse and expect citizens to bow to us because we made the choice to join? I know many of you feel this way and feel that you are owed something because of your sacrifice to this country but in my opinion, you are wrong to believe that way.

Your service to the people of this country shouldn't end when you ETS. It ends when you die and anything less than that shows just how phony your initial intentions were for serving this country. If you truly believe that your service was to ensure the prosperity of this country and it's people, then why should that end when you leave the service? The values that the military taught you should carry over into the civilian world were you should continue to serve the people of this country.

And no I'm not talking about joining the III percenters or a militia group. I am talking about service to your communities. When you leave the service the ethos are now expanded to every human being you encounter. Find a way to give your life meaning and purpose that doesn't exacerbate the problems we currently face in our country.

Our youth needs mentors. Our communities need leaders and real action. Find a way to give back to the communities that you are engaged with everyday. Be a big brother or sister to a child who may not have parents who are in their lives. Donate your time to clean up your city and take care of resources it holds. Visit the senior citizens in assisted living homes and give them a sense of belonging and community.

This is how we heal our nation. We serve each other. There is no other way.

Drive on my friends.



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