Trump Uses Veterans to Boost his Image

Posted on April 06 2017

Ok... how do people not understand the difference between a publicity stunt and a genuine concern about something? Apparently, Trump invites the Wounded Warrior Project to the White House in an act of true caring for veterans. Ok, that's awesome however, let's take a look at the environment around him right now.

With insanely low approval ratings, open investigations on almost every aspect of his presidency (all throughout his administration, I do not care about your opinion if they are warranted or not, I will wait until a conclusion by all actors is presented before I make assumptions) and a failed attempt at healthcare reform, the timing of this is extremely convenient. When one looks at the bigger picture, it makes more sense that this is a PR move meant to either deflect attention or improve public relations.

To be honest, this pisses me off. People always turn to supporting veterans when it is convenient to them and to gain something from the perception of supporting them. Now, I could say that these are all coincidences and that Trump is being genuine. But then I look at the fraud of an organization that he chose to spotlight, The Wounded Warrior Project.

Almost everyone I talk to about veteran charities say this organization leaves a bad taste in their mouth. As brilliant as Trump says he is, why the hell would you promote this organization? I myself do not support it from my own research into its tax forms.

Let's be honest with ourselves... and see this for what it is... a poor PR move meant to boost his image on the backs of veterans who deserve more than that. Period.

Disagree with me? Then let's converse about it... but I am tired of veterans being political pawns.


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