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Texas Senator Breaks Glass Slamming Down Gavel

Posted on February 16 2017

Hearings at the Texas Senate for Health and Human Services continued about some highly controversial bills. The incident happened during public hearing with Margaret Hennessy (sorry if I misspelled) testifying against SB 415. 

At around the 10:55 mark, Senator Schwertner slams the gavel so hard that he breaks the antique glass of the Texas Capital's table. You can see the amount of angst or anger in his face.

This type of behavior is not becoming of a public official and should not be downplayed. May I remind you that as an elected Senator, the only reason to why you have a seat, is to listen to the citizens of this state. A public official should NEVER allow his emotions to influence his behavior when dealing with the public. To display such a behavior shows just how much you care about the lives of people that will be affected by the legislation you pass.

I dont care if you are a democrat or republican, this is unacceptable. You have one job as a Senator and if you can't handle, get the fuck out the kitchen.

Check it out down below, his fellow senators are even having a hard time not looking at the table.



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