It Takes More Than One To Bring Change

Posted on March 30 2017

It takes more than one to bring change but it has to start with someone making that first move. That first move is something I decided to take when I started YOUnity Clothing. I have a minor in Business and have read hundreds of books when it comes to business. My favorite to this day is "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. That was the first book that started my entrepreneurial journey. But it wasn't the last by far. I then started down a path of divulging myself into social philanthropy or social entrepreneurship.

It was in these books that I found my inner self being pulled towards something. I made an important decision at that time, to never put profits above anything. I would put the well being of the mission above that of my own self interest. Profits is not what drives me to continuously show up at market days in the pouring rain hoping to sell a couple shirts. Profits is not what drives the hours of work I pour into every I do when it comes to YOUnity Clothing.

No, its the positive benefit at the end of every shirt I sell that drives me. I know that for every shirt I sell, I could possibly save someone's life. I know that every person I talk to, I connect people to others within a broader community. I get to listen to the stories and opinions of others and no matter how much I may disagree with some of their views, I respect that they feel they can express them to me. I enjoy hearing our differences and I enjoy finding ways that we can find common ground and reach solutions to the things we both care about. 

I just want you to know that, while I do love taking your money, its not your money that I care most about. Its that we are contributing to something greater than ourselves and that we can work together to achieve these aims.

Thank you all my friends... and drive on

Bradley Burnett


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