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Is it worth it?

Posted on February 13 2017

As this year continues, I find myself asking this question once again. Is it all worth it?

Is it worth the weekends away from my family sitting in the Texas 100 degree heat for hours?

Is it worth the painstaking process of unloading and loading my personal van every time I go?

Is it worth the countless hours I spend making sure every design tells a complex story with a simple image?

Is it worth having to hear my wife complain that Ill be taking her van and she will be stuck with my Civic?

Is it worth the many conversations I have with people who are only trying to get a rise out of me?

Is it worth missing the holidays with my family?

Is it worth my wife telling me that my son was telling her he just misses his daddy?

These are the hardest questions I am faced with. Is it all worth it? Is it still worth it?

The simple answer is no... but when I think of all the good that we have accomplished together, I am reminded that every fucking moment of it was and still IS worth it.

I have met such amazing people on this journey so far. We have helped saved so many lives. We have helped countless families. All the dog's lives we save by rescuing them from shelters. That one child he lost their loved to PTSD and starts RECONNECTING with them.

Yes... by every star in the sky, that it id worth it. And I will continue to drive on.

The real question is... was it worth it for you?


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