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Where is the Disconnect?

Posted on June 28 2016

On this adventure into social entrepreneurship, I am interested in how I can involve the community into our projects. But for some reason I have failed to ignite the community in rallying behind our causes.

Sure we have some people buy shirts. Sure we have people who get emotional when I explain the designs. But what I don't see is pride in wearing our brand. How do we ignite such passion? How do we get people to be excited about the things they do just by their purchase?

Yes, I am asking for your input. It's important to this company because everyone who can relate to our campaigns are the foundation to our ability to achieve change. We cannot do nothing without you. We acknowledge this and relinquish full control into your hands.

What do you want to see? What do you wish we offered more of? How can we connect with you?


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