Where Do You Get Your Motivation?

Posted on November 30 2016

I have been asked this a lot lately and to be honest, its a plethora of things. I grew up in a military household. I have been through many divorces with my mother. I have seen the first hand affects of PTSD as a child.

Everyday I see one of my fellow family in arms battling addiction, battling alcoholism, battling a sense of self identity, battling to reconnect with society and the list keeps going on and on. Very few of my fellow veterans have found a sense of peace that allows them to return home. They remain angry and reclusive because it helped them survive and they lost their "real" family when they left the service.

They come back to inadequate healthcare. Poorly staff hospitals that have to battle to retain staff that actually gives a shit. Many of the professionals take a pay cut in order to serve our veterans and I greatly appreciate that. We all do. We appreciate that you could be making $250k but you took this job at $100k because the government has a hard time with competitive pay. If you were not there to do it, then we would suffer even more.

I see children who are directly being affected by their family members being gone or coming home and not being able to connect with them. I know what its like to have someone come back and they are a total stranger. It's the worse feeling in the world. That's YOUR hero but you don't even know who they are anymore.

That's my motivation. I try to provide something that the veteran community lacks in. Genuine compassion from the surrounding community. With every donation made through my company, veterans who receive a service dog know that it was in part because people care. Someone actually cares enough to take action instead of displaying a yellow ribbon on their car. Every time I attend a changing of the vest ceremony, it reignites my passion for what I do. I wish I could take every last one of you to hear how these dogs have change lives. To hear the emotion in their voices... that is my motivation. It's not love of my country not love for my fellow brotherhood. It's love of helping others. Something being in the medical field taught me.

Drive on my friends.


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