• Why President Elect Trump Can't Fix the VA

    Posted on January 10 2017

    Many of us veterans agree that the Department of Veteran Affairs could be ran better. Yes, everything can be improved upon. Yes, it has it's faults and yes it has...

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  • A Soldier's Last Words While Suffering From PTSD

    Posted on January 09 2017

    I found this letter in the National Veterans Magazine and just had to share it. It is from a former veteran of the Iraqi Freedom Operation. He committed suicide and...

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  • Even Veterans Can Piss Me Off

    Posted on July 05 2016

    Sometimes, I don't even understand my own community. Sometimes I want to jump across my table of my booth and kick some of them in the face. Yes I know,...

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  • Why I Love Trade Shows

    Posted on March 18 2016

    I mostly run my business through trade shows and market days as of now. Building capital before I make another move to possibly make this brand main stream. But I...

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  • Can the 22 a Day Campaign Bring Negative Results?

    Posted on January 25 2016

    Interesting question huh? One of the things that I learned from marketing classes is that sometimes certain campaigns may actually bring out the opposite of the desired effect. Take for...

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  • What Am I Doing

    Posted on January 19 2016

    I ask myself that everyday I wake up. I look at my business and sometimes I am defeated by it. Why do I continue to pursue it? I haven't made...

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  • Veterans and Politics

    Posted on January 14 2016

    Once again we are looking at a new presidential race. Why is this year different? Because Obama cannot be re-elected. Therefore, we can vote some new ideas into the playing...

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  • I Had a Relaspe Today

    Posted on January 13 2016

    Today an old demon revisited me. Yeah, I guess he just wanted to remind me that he's still there. Tapped me on the shoulder and waited until I answered him....

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  • What YOUnity Clothing Is Not

    Posted on January 11 2016

    I had a very concerned person ask "Why don't all these mega million dollar clothing companies just get together and donate clothes to homeless veterans? Then their brands would be...

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  • How Buying A Shirt Could Change the World

    Posted on January 09 2016

    I thought I'd take some time to explain who and what we are as a company. Most people try and hype up their company by inflating their image but I...

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  • I Have Nothing to Hide

    Posted on January 07 2016

    I have absolutely nothing to hide and that is why I intend to disclose a breakdown of why I "only" donate $3 a shirt sale to help veterans with PTSD....

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  • I Don't Do Politics

    Posted on January 06 2016

    I intend to never ever speak about my political beliefs or anything of that sort. My business is not meant to start heated debates or arguments. Maybe that is why...

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  • My New Year Commitments

    Posted on January 03 2016

    Yes even a business must have new goals and resolutions every year. This year is the year for growth. I am going to dedicate more time to this adventure. I...

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  • I Have a Surprise for You All

    Posted on December 10 2015

    The Georgetown Christmas Stroll was a huge success. We raised about a $250 donation to help veterans with PTSD. The support from everyone has been so amazing. So with this...

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  • As We Get Closer to the Holidays

    Posted on December 10 2015

    Christmas is right around the corner. That means family, friends, and some good food are on the horizon. With that being said, I just wanted to remind everyone about what...

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  • Safe Travels

    Posted on November 25 2015

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I just wanted to wish everyone safe travels and a fulfilling time with those who bring value to your life. We Should always be...

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