Even Veterans Can Piss Me Off

Posted on July 05 2016

Sometimes, I don't even understand my own community. Sometimes I want to jump across my table of my booth and kick some of them in the face. Yes I know, pretty violent. Isn't that how family treats each other though? We all have those days.

So, I am talking to a customer who is really enjoying our mission and what we do. Out of the corner of my eye I see this lady just standing there. She looks at every aspect of the booth and finally decides to come in. She rudely interrupts me and says, "How do you help veterans with PTSD?", alluding to the sign I have that says every shirt sold helps a veteran with PTSD. I told her we donate a portion of every shirt sale to a non-profit that trains service dogs for veterans. She then said, "How does that help me?". I looked at her in bewilderment. In my head I was saying, "Can you not connect the dots? I have a resource that I can give to you so that you can utilize it. I get the community involved in helping our community heal. Why are you being so hostile to me?"

I get this treatment a lot from veterans and it really pisses me off. Not only are you attacking a fellow veteran trying to help his community but you are attacking an idea that creates a connected community because all you can think of is YOURSELF. How does this help you? It doesn't directly help you  unless you apply for a service dog from Austin Dog Alliance. But this sense of entitlement from the veteran community I sometimes run across is repulsive. We do not need to act like that nor do we need to make everything about our own selves.

We are a community of people. Brothers and sisters. Sure we deserve certain things. Sure we are entitled to certain benefits. But what we are not entitled to, is the mentality that you deserve this special treatment. Be humble about the things offered to you. The American public does this for their gratitude and respect of our personal sacrifice. Stop this elite attitude that destroys our image. It's not about you. Thats why you signed up to serve the country. Because its about THEM. Not you. Get over yourselves... act like real public servants and maybe we can really come together as a community.



  • YOUnity Clothing: August 19, 2016

    Reply to the person above^

    Funny how you cant leave your name and own up to your comment like a responsible adult.

    To answer you concerns though, every shirt sold does help a veteran with PTSD. It accurately describes the mission however it want want to get technical, Austin Dog Alliance does accept application from veterans all over the country.

    Beyond that, helping fund programs such as above also helps advance the entire mission of service dogs for veterans. The VA is currently looking at using programs such as the one we support to help facilitate the need for service dogs. Basically, you would help all veterans by showing how these programs can be successful and therefore advance the VA’s understanding of the subject.

    Helping any veteran is helping a veteran in your community. When one veteran is affected by something, it has ripple affects to those who are in contact with the veteran. A veteran with family in three states away can affect that community just as easily as their own immediate community.

    What happens when veterans get divorced? Does it only affect a small portion of the community?

    You missed the entirety of my post… but thats ok. Good day.

  • no one: August 18, 2016

    Actually, I get why people get upset…I think it would probably help fend off their hostile comments if instead of saying, “every shirt sold helps a veteran with PTSD”…you instead had a sign that said, “every shirt sold helps a veteran with PTSD in the Greater Austin Area by funding training for service dogs” or something like that. Then, those people can just move along and not yell at you.

    Since I don’t live in Austin, it wouldn’t benefit me, so that gives me the choice of helping fund programs in my own area that could potentially help me and other vets in my own community.


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