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A New OIF/OEF Texas War Memorial

Posted on February 08 2017

Today at my internship at the Texas Veteran Affairs and Border Security Committee, I came across a new memorial being introduced. Its an amazing piece of work and is meant to show the complexities of the sacrifice that our OEF/OIF veterans have made.
Hopefully this memorial will be completed and ready by September 11 to honor all those who joined afterwards. Its a beautiful piece of work that shows the sacrifice that our families have gone through. Lady Liberty pulls our service member away from the very thing they fight for, the family unit. The child holds a folded American Flag that may symbolize the last time she may ever see her father. The wife holds on but in a soft manner to show her support but resistance. This is the decision many of our military members faced; call of country vs call of family.
Please check this out and support it if you can...


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