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The Start of a New Year

Posted on February 29 2016

So, this weekend will officially begin a new year for trade shows and events. I have signed up both for the Round Rock and Georgetown Market Days for March. I have also signed up for Keep Austin Weird and the Austin Pet Expo for the Summer. I plan on doing many more vents coming up in the future and will keep you all posted.

This year I am going to invest more time into this endeavor. Not only has feedback from our products been phenomenal but our brand is gaining more popularity. Because of this, I will make sure that YOUnity Clothing takes a bigger priority in order to raise more money to help veterans with PTSD. With that being said, I still need your help. You are and always will be the biggest part of this company. Once again thank you to all our supporters!

The above image will be a new design for the summer. I will be dropping an order today for these new shirts! I hope everyone is just as excited as I am about our new design. 22 stars encircle a soldier carrying the wounded. The 22 stars represent the continued price our veteran pay for the continued existence of our country. The soldier is also in the Union to signify the importance of the soldier in the overall them of our country.

Be ready to make an even bigger impact this year on our veteran community, I know I am.

Drive on my friends.


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