Why Should I Care About Veterans?

Posted on February 10 2016

I am not going to approach this topic with the normal "land of the free home of the brave" or "they went to war fighting for the people" type rhetoric. I feel that its been beaten enough.

Some people feel veterans are "entitled" and shouldn't get some of the benefits they are currently offered. I do not feel that it is enough but we are all entitled to our own opinion. Some people feel that soldiers fight for corporate entities. Some people feel our military is only meant to spread an evil empire. Some people feel that we should be the police offers of the world. While others feel we should use our military to be the greatest country in the world. All of those points are irrelevant to the topic as to why you should or should not support veterans.

Let me frame this question in another way. Do veterans deserve our help? Many people will undoubtedly say yes. But some people feel differently. I don't only want to help veterans because they are veterans (and I am one as well) either.

Let's take that same question from above and change one word. Do humans deserve our help? See what I did there? I peeled a layer of the cake off. I exposed its unifying roots and they are us. Sure I could leave the noun veteran there to get narrow my views and also displace my passion. Let me explain. Do you not feel differently about the welfare of animals vs that of your own? Do you not feel differently about human life vs human life you personally know?

The word veteran captures that difference. Veteran is a personal noun. One that people can relate with. When I say humans, the word dissipates that energy. We all care about humans but I think that when we think of it as a whole, it's harder to care about all of them vs just a few. Sort of like "there isn't enough love to go around". The word veteran focused on whom we should care about, narrowing our ability to see the whole.

If you care about humans then you will care about veterans. If you cared about veterans then you may not care about all humans. There is a fundamental difference it creates when you frame it one way or another.

Why should you care about veterans? Because they are humans, that's why.

Drive on my friends.





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