Why I Do What I Do

Posted on February 08 2016

Let me explain why YOUnity Clothing exists:

It started with an idea, an idea to make the world a better place for all to live in. Simple but for some reason highly complex when it comes to trying to pinpoint that one thing that could have such a massive response. I didn't let that stop me. There is never an idea TOO big.

People once thought taking flight was an idea that was just too big to tackle. Going to the moon was just a genre of fiction. Having a computer in your pocket was laughed at. The first telephone was considered impractical and a novel idea. What did all these things have in common? Someone who truly believed in the idea. Someone that could lead and inspire others.

Nothing in life is ever TOO big to accomplish. Even if you don't accomplish it in your life time, that idea has a chance to carry on and continue it's own narrative.

So what do I believe? I believe that clothing can change the world. I believe that attaching a social benefit to something that every one needs and buys already, is one of the best ways to do so.

But why clothing? I hear often that there are others things I can apply that to and it would work just as well, maybe even better. True but how do people define themselves? What is one form of expression that everyone sees when they walk by us? Our image. So why not attach your beliefs about a better world in simple designs that tell that story? Why not embody that sense of charity to others? 

I believe that you can buy high quality clothing (that mirrors department store quality and pricing) and possibly save a person's life.

Why veterans? Well, beyond the fact that I am one and care deeply about my brothers and sisters, they are the embodiment of selfless service. Why not give back to those that would have given everything just so that their country could remain true to it's values? They served the country and by doing so directly served the people. Whom better to try and save?

Do I believe PTSD service dogs really make a difference? For the same reason I know that when I drop my phone, it will fall to the ground; I believe these animals have changed their lives. I believe that they can be the difference in the 22 a day (those who commit suicide). I believe they can save a marriage and in return save a community. I believe these dogs not only save their owners but they too are saved. And that is enough for me.

So why does YOUnity Clothing exist? Because there will always exists people in need and there will always exist people who will lend a hand...


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