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Posted on January 24 2016

YOUnity Clothing is not aimed at the veteran community. I get odd comments about our designs and questions as to why we don't have Army, Navy, Marine or Air Force apparel. Well, the reason is because veterans are not our target market.

The veteran shirt market is saturated with many brands that all have the same stuff over and over. Some of them donate towards veteran causes as well. If want designs with pro 2nd amendment, thin blue line, quotes such as "come and take them" or "III%" etc, it's probably best you move on.  We are not that type of clothing line. It's not that we don't support any of those movements but it isn't how we want to define ourselves.

We make images that speak towards civilians. People who have never served or have family that have. People that want to support the conversation about taking care of our veterans. That is our target audience. The everyday citizen that wants to find the best way to support veterans.

So keep that in mind when you are browsing our clothing. This isn't about being the most bad ass American with guns and alcohol. This about veterans and specifically veterans with PTSD. Sure we could design our shirts like everyone else but then the message would get lost and it would no longer be about the veterans but an egotistical battle of images.


Drive on my friends,


Bradley Burnett


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  • Mary M. Laclair: January 28, 2019

    Several shirts have been purchased and they are high quality and look new wash after wash.
    This young man works hard to provide service animals for veterans with PTSD. He and the veterans need our support. You are going to buy shirts anyway, buy some of these and help .

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