Five Reasons Why You Should Purchase From Us

Posted on January 17 2016

  1. Because Your Purchase Helps Veterans with PTSD

This is one of the biggest reasons. Our whole ideology was born from my personal experience with PTSD. I knew that there had to be another way to get the community involved while being able to raise awareness and support for our veterans.

Not only that but we support a local non profit with each donation that does amazing things. We help bring awareness to their mission as well. Beyond helping veterans with PTSD, they also help children with autism and patients in surrounding hospitals. They bring real value to the community.

Thats why when you buy a shirt from us, you really help a community grow. Its more than just being an exchange of money to us at YOUnity Clothing. Its about being a hub to bring people together with things they really do care about but don't know where to start.

       2. Because It's an Investment into the Future

When you purchase from us, you are investing into the idea of philanthrocapitalism. It's a form of capitalism that has its roots buried in philanthropy. TOMS shoes has done a great job of implementing a business model that implements this ideology.

But why is this important? It's about putting more power into your hands. Letting you decide where your money goes and how it impacts the community. You get to decide and influence the outcome of your purchase.

Let's say you walked into your local grocery store. You came to get some fresh fruit for tonight's dessert. On the shelf are two identical sized and in quality apples. One was priced ten cents more than the other. However, that one that cost a little more also came with an incentive that every apple purchased, one would be donated to your local food bank to help fight hunger. Which one do you choose?

      3. Because of the Entire Package

What do you get when you buy our clothing? Beyond being able to provide a positive social impact to your community, you also get a high quality product. Not something that is just put together with a cheap blank garment.

I had to do my research on the garments I used. I wanted the highest quality, best feeling garments that you could get without adding a hefty price tag. I had to make sure that they didn't shrink a lot, that the fabric held up through multiple washes and that my printer used quality equipment for a long lasting design.

Every package comes with a personal letter signed by me and a bunch of extra goodies. Value is really important to me. I wanted to nickle and dime every part of the production process to make sure that you not only got the same quality shirt you would find in a department store but also make it the same price.

      4. Because Our Designs Tell a Story

Each and everyone of our designs are simple to look at but tell a very complex story. They are meant to be an outward expression of how a person feels about veterans. I created them so that even those that never served could wear them with pride.


For example: Our "Never Forget" design is sending a message to not forget that we still have veterans that need our support. The dog is either a service dog or its a veteran itself. There are five stars for the five branches of military. It is a message and a very sincere one.

I designed all the graphics myself. Every element has a reason for being and has been thought out extensively. I even produce multiple images and allow our followers to vote on which one they liked the most. Your opinion is important to me and I want to make things that tell others how you feel.

        5. Last but not Least, YOunity Clothing is Veteran Owned and Operated

I run this company by myself. I am a veteran of the the United States Army. I served one tour over seas and my job was a medic. I served 4.5 years before being medically discharged.

We also support local businesses. Each shirt is printed by the Georgetown Shirt Company. They are a local small business that does amazing work and has been very supportive of our endeavors. Much thanks to them.

Drive on my friends.


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