I Gave Your Money to the Homeless

Posted on January 17 2016

Some of you may know that I am a veteran of the United States Army but some of you don’t know that I go to school as well. Yes, I attend the University of Texas at Austin.

Spring courses are about to begin and I was on my way to the University CO OP to get my next set of books and sell back my old ones. I passed three homeless people while walking from my car to the store. This all encompassed about a block.

I sold all my old books for $52. I searched for my current list and then had them applied to my Vocational Rehab book voucher. Yes, I got all my books for free. Every penny was paid for by the tax payers of the country. And I am forever great full for that opportunity. That is why I did something different…

The money I made selling back books wasn’t technically mine. It was the people’s money in my eyes. I felt that it wasn’t right for me to keep this amount. So I started thinking of how I could return this money back to the people. That’s when I decided to split it up evenly between those three homeless individuals on the street.

None of them were begging. They were just sitting there “people” watching it seemed like. Watching society in all its beauty unfold before their very eyes.

I passed the first man and handed him a $10 bill. He took it and thank you very much sir. He didn’t seem that excited. He may have thought I only gave him a dollar. He then looked at it and excitedly said, “I can go get some food with this much!” He immediately walked into the restaurant we were in front of.

As I got closer to my car, the two other homeless people were conversing on a church stoop. No signs, no harassing people as they walked by. Just having a conversation with each other. I handed them both $10 and told them to go have some fun. One said, “Bless you my friend” and the other said, “thank you”. I walked away.

Now why did I do that? Was I not afraid of them spending it on drugs or alcohol? Was I not worried they wouldn’t spend it to how I wanted to see it spent?

No I was not. Why should I? If the act was meant to be kind and help another human being, why would I try to control them by stipulating how they spent it? The very act of me giving was the reward itself. Anything after that point is changing the original intent of the giving.

Giving back isn’t about being able to control the outcome. It’s about that feeling you get in the action of the giving. That is the reward. That is what the opposite person returned to you. The ability to have that feeling.

Drive on my friends.


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