Veterans and Politics

Posted on January 14 2016

Once again we are looking at a new presidential race. Why is this year different? Because Obama cannot be re-elected. Therefore, we can vote some new ideas into the playing field. I am not voicing an opinion of Obama's presidential term but only stating the fact that a new person will hopefully bring new ideas.

It's interesting to see how this election will play out when it comes to veterans. They have many issues on the table that need to be addressed. Between the bureaucracy and wastefulness of the Department of Veteran Affairs, to the ever increasing suicide rates of that community and making sure that they have a place in the job market of tomorrow.

I am sure these issues will be politicized and used as means to attract the veteran voting population. But we should be seeking more than just lip service. We should look at their past history and see how they have treated the veteran population before they put their ticket in for the presidential bid. If they are a politician, examine their voting records when it comes to veteran issues. Also examine their proposed policies to handle the veteran population. Are they plausible, who supports it and who benefits from it. If the candidate has never been a politician, then look at how they have spoken about the issues beforehand. Look at who they donate to and volunteer their time to as well.

I think its time that we, as in the people, start paying attention to these things. Our veteran population can only do so much and they are dwindling with old age and a high suicide rate. Let's hold our elected representatives responsible and force personal credibility for their actions. 

I do not want to see veterans become a hot button topic and then fade away into the wind again.

Drive on my friends.

Bradley Burnett



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