What YOUnity Clothing Is Not

Posted on January 11 2016

I had a very concerned person ask "Why don't all these mega million dollar clothing companies just get together and donate clothes to homeless veterans? Then their brands would be seen everywhere."

While this comment has very noble and good intentions attached to it, I feel that donating clothes just to have homeless people wearing our brand is immoral. While we are not even close to being a multi million dollar company, I would rather donate blank shirts to the homeless veterans. I don't want my brand to be seen on every homeless veteran. I feel that would be the wrong intent of providing the clothes in the first place. I'd rather them be clothed with housing and jobs, then wearing my brand. But I guess thats just me.

YOUnity Clothing is not your average clothing company either. With the hopes of becoming an established brand, I do not intend for this company to reap mass amounts of profits off people. I'd like to provide fair wages and training opportunities to increase the education of my employees. I'd like my employees to take pride in this brand. That they feel apart of the company and as valuable as myself. I do not intend to get super rich either. I have set a maximum salary cap of $70,000 a year. Profit being important but not just in the aspects of lining my pockets. I want the profit to be shared throughout my company and on the social goals we intend to eliminate through the help of you.... the consumer.

YOUnity Clothing is not a stand alone company either. Its values are derived from those we provide a product for. Right now we focus on veterans. So if you are a person who supports our veterans well being and wants to see them succeed, then that is what this brand is for. Its about a community coming together to take care of a group of people who answered our call to do whatever. That is the mission... 

I hope that every person who buys clothing from us, feels that they have really contributed to something worthwhile. I hope that the quality of our products exceed their expectations to. And if not, I welcome all feedback; negative especially. I want this brand to embody the values that our target audience emulates. We just want to help extend those values...

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