How Buying A Shirt Could Change the World

Posted on January 09 2016

I thought I'd take some time to explain who and what we are as a company. Most people try and hype up their company by inflating their image but I am not about that. I am a veteran of the United States Army. I served as a combat medic and was deployed to Iraq in 2008. I created this company with a vision and that vision is: To offer a high quality product that rivals our competitors and attach social good to every product.

This company is about creating a relationship but not just your standard company/customer one. We want to create a relationship with you and our communities. How do we intend to do this? By giving you the power to influence what happens. You see, everything that we do is tied to a purchase of a shirt. You buy a shirt and someone else benefits from it beyond the company.

For example: When you buy a shirt now, you impact more than just one community. We get our shirts printed by a local printer. Boom, you help small local American businesses because when you buy one then we buy more from them.

Next your purchase helps a local non profit that offers programs that helps autistic kids gain job skills, rescues an animal from a local shelter and provides emotional support and service dogs to an array of people. Boom, you help a local non profit keep its doors open.

You also help a veteran suffering from PTSD. We donate a portion of every shirt sale in your honor to a program that trains services dogs specifically for veterans. These dogs have changed their lives and the lives of everyone around them. Think about it, you buying a shirt could possibly stop a family from breaking up.

On top of that, you also allow us to grow bigger. So that we can hire workers and pay them a fair wage (we want to focus on providing veterans with jobs). You allow us to continue our vision of creating a world where we all have the things we need. Where simple purchases can have a huge impact on a person's life.

But most importantly, every shirt that you buy helps yourself as well. Not only do you get a head turning shirt that is one of a kind but you also obtain that feeling of greatness when you helped someone in need.

All this from one shirt purchase. Do you see how many lives you touch just by being a consumer? We ask nothing more than any other clothing company to accomplish these things. In fact we cost just as much if not less than the shirts in your favorite stores. We offer free shipping as well.

This is YOUnity Clothing. We are more than just a clothing company but an idea. We are a change that this world so desperately needs.


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