I Have Nothing to Hide

Posted on January 07 2016

I have absolutely nothing to hide and that is why I intend to disclose a breakdown of why I "only" donate $3 a shirt sale to help veterans with PTSD. I feel like some may think this amount is pretty low (considering many companies keep all their profits for themselves) but in actuality it is a lot.

For this article's purpose I will use my "Never Forget" shirt as an example. It costs me about $6.78 to print one of these shirts. I use a local shirt printer to support local businesses in the area. They give me a discount based upon our mission. With that being said, if I subtract the cost of that from the selling amount online, we have $18.21 left over.

Next I must pay a credit card processing fee for every order placed. This averages about $1.02 a shirt. That leaves $17.21.

Shipping on average costs about $5.50 cents through UPS with priority mail. I choose this because it's reliable and is pretty quick. That leaves $11.69.

Now we subtract the $3 donation to the Austin Dog Alliance's Hounds for Heroes program. That leaves $8.69.

$8.69 is a wonderful profit margin! However, that doesn't include the costs of running the business nor buying another shirt to sell for more capital.

I tell you this to gain your trust. I have nothing to hide from any of you. I am in business to help others and not line my pockets by exploiting people for their hard earned money.

Drive on my friends.

Bradley Burnett


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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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