I Don't Do Politics

Posted on January 06 2016

I intend to never ever speak about my political beliefs or anything of that sort. My business is not meant to start heated debates or arguments. Maybe that is why its slow taking off...

Politics is one thing. It has a place but not when it comes to the issues I want to focus on with my company. I am trying to bypass the red tape and raise funding through voluntary means. No taxes, no mandatory spending or anything of the sort. Just good old fashion, I care about these issues and I am going to support it with my money.

See, I chose clothing with the hope of being able to kill two birds with one stone. Network with people who actually want to contribute to certain causes and provide them with a product that reflects that interest.

My designs and images are painstakingly constructed piece by piece with everything being thought about. Every design tells a story for those who look closely enough. It starts a conversation. It hopefully spreads awareness of these issues and provides an avenue for people to come together. That's what this is about. Coming together.

People speak of what terrible shape this country is in, yet most of them do absolutely nothing to try and make it better. They voice their opinions but they do not vote with the only real thing that matters. Money. The golden ticket. Yes, every penny you own is a possible way for you to cast a vote towards the things you want in the future.

Time is another commodity but that is something we can never replenish. Once its gone... its gone for good. This was another thing I wanted to tackle through my business model. How can I save people time? Well, wearing a shirt with a strong message does just that. It lets people know what you stand for and what you are about. It spreads awareness of issues that are near to your heart. Beyond that, a shirt that donates a portion of YOUR purchase towards a cause that you support, is almost like giving your time to it. Don't have time to volunteer? Then let your money be that time you don't have.

I leave you guys with the famous saying, "Been there, got the T shirt". Have you got yours yet?

Drive on my friends.

Bradley Burnett




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