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We Can Do Better

Posted on December 18 2015

Have we really become a materialistic society? A culture that views the expense of ones clothes as a status symbol? History seems to repeat itself over and over. The race to keep up with the Jones seems to only get worse.

We are always in competition with each other as humans but its never over anything that brings good. I dont see people going around with price tags of how much they donated to charities, how much time they spent helping the under privileged or the real price of being a true parent on their sleeves.

No we see big diamonds, Micheal Kors purses and coach shoes. Those are the things we care about. We have been trained to believe that these things bring us happiness. The chance to feel better than someone else because we have a $4000 purse. Its sick and sad frankly.

Watch the video below to see what I am talking about:



This is what I built my company on. The act of giving for the sake of giving. Not to give because you expect something in return. Those who are truly humble know what I am speaking about. Life isnt about money. Life is more than just money and material things. I have never felt better about myself then when I give and when I give without expectations.... thats life.


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