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5 Ways We Help Futher the Veteran Conversation

Posted on September 22 2016

  1. We donate to a local non profit that trains and matches actual service dogs to veterans with PTSD. By doing so, we help further along the research on different tools to help with PTSD recovery. Service dogs is something the VA is taking a serious look at and even started a new pilot program to study the benefits of their service. I post every donation online for 100% transparency.
  2. We get the community involved. People in our local communities are looking for ways to give back to the veteran community. Some of them dont know how. We create a venue for that to happen. They can buy a shirt and it will directly affect a veteran's life. In return they receive a product that shows their dedicated support.
  3. Every design has a specific and serious meaning behind every pixel. That way when someone asks about it, there is a conversation to be had. Symbology is a way to express ourselves and we carefully study every design before it is released.
  4. By going to events we engage with actual people. I answer questions veterans have about their benefits and how to get them. I point veterans towards programs they may not know about. I listen to their stories. Regular people ask me questions about the military and PTSD, I try and create a positive environment to have these discussion. New military recruits reach out to me for advice and experience.
  5. We are going to release our new "Abe's Oath" clothing line specifically aimed at people who support veterans. This will give them something to identify with and feel apart of a family.


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