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Raising Awareness Is Fine and Dandy But...

Posted on June 07 2016


In the video above, Delaware legislators attempted to do 22 push ups for the 22 we lose a day (I know the 22 is not an accurate number but its symbolic now).

While I appreciate the sentiment and the attempt to raise awareness but apparently those who needed to be influenced most by the awareness are now participating in the awareness. These legislators have the ability to effect public policy and influence that statistic.

That is the problem today. We are so focused on getting everyone aware of a situation but then we forget to actually act on that information. Action causes change. Yes, starting and continuing the conversation raises awareness to influence public opinion but when does such non action become simple lip service?

I want to see real policy change. I want to see doctors who choose to participate in the veterans choice program be properly reimbursed when they serve our brothers and sisters. I want to see more legislation dealing with and understanding the mental illnesses that plague our community. I don't want the number 22 to become so cliche that it loses it's shock factor.

I want more than lip service... I want a promise made to be honored and kept to the fullest degree...


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