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What 22 Means to Me

Posted on May 02 2016

Many of you may not know that the 22 statistic may not entirely be accurate. It includes all veteran suicides that may not be caused or influenced by PTSD nor is it just those who have recently transitioned into civilian life. The number reflects an array of things.

With that being said, I knew about this when I designed my shirts. Though the number may not entirely be true, its a simple concept that many can get behind. It tries to simplify a complex phenomena that can easily be communicated. 

I do not use the number as a marketing gimmick. Nor do I intentionally use an appeal to emotion to drive my sales. I honestly want to connect people. I want to create an avenue for people to offer assistance while offering a positive environment to talk about issues the veteran community faces.

I also just dont want to talk about PTSD but the entirety of problems that we face as a community. I see government as a resource for opportunity, not necessarily the answer to our problems. I see the community at large as a resource for opportunity as well but they cannot force us to improve either. They all work together to create an environment in which healing can occur. But that healing starts with the individual. You must be willing to improve and have the drive to do so. You must have a purpose.

I want to thank everyone who has been apart of this movement. We have come together to create a difference in many veterans, civilians and animal's lives.

Drive on my friends,

Bradley Burnett



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