Let's Fund Veteran Programs By... Taking From Others

Posted on April 18 2016

A recent article posted by Military.com (http://www.military.com/daily-news/2016/04/14/lawmakers-join-vets-criticize-proposal-curb-post-911-gi-bill.html) outlines a new attack on veteran benefits.

A current bill being proposed by lawmakers has the 9/11 benefits under attack. The bill wants to reduce the money given to children using the benefits. "The benefit targeted in the veterans' legislation is a monthly housing allowance granted to children of veterans attending college on the parent's GI Bill. The bill would halve the value of the housing benefit for children. The transfer perk was designed in part to encourage troops to remain in the military beyond certain points in their careers."

While this doesn't seem like a big deal, it is. Many of these veterans had long term plans to use this money when planning their future. That future involved their children attending college. And now law makers want to cut that benefit. Thus incurring an undue financial burden to veteran families that planned on this benefit. These members fought for their country with the promise of such benefits and now they are trying to back pedal?

What is most disgusting about this proposal is the fact that the money being stripped away from this program will provide "new programs in the bill are improvements to postnatal care for female veterans, expanded K-9 therapy for veterans suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder, the reauthorization of the VA work-study program, removal of the cap on VA home loan guarantees." Why is it disgusting? Because it takes from one program and gives to another instead of actually funding the entirety of veteran benefits. Basically, they are saying that veterans are not worth the investment of more tax payers money but new F-35 jets costing billions is? When did we decide that investing into the creation of creating more veterans vs taking care of those we already have become the norm?

While I am glad that those new programs are being created, I am saddened by the fact we had to take a cut from other veterans in order to do so. This is ridiculous. Have we not sacrificed enough? But now we ask their children to pay as well? The future generation? I bet its just a ploy to get certain lawmakers a bullet on their "what I did for veterans" statements. But what the public doesnt know is the cost...

Here's a solution: The savings cost of cutting this benefit is $775 million over ten years according to the article. How about we cut some funding to defense contractors?

Drive on my friends.


Bradley Burnett


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