Why I Love Trade Shows

Posted on March 18 2016

I mostly run my business through trade shows and market days as of now. Building capital before I make another move to possibly make this brand main stream. But I look back and realize that such an endeavor would remove me from the people.

I get to meet people who really care about helping veterans. I meet future soldiers who bombard me with questions (that I am more than happy to answer) about enlisting. I meet people whos mother, father, brother, sister etc have all served. They look at my designs with a real sense of adornment. Some even shed some tears.

That's what I do this for. Trying to build a connection between our communities. So much divisiveness in our country has us complaining about issues separated by a thick line in the sand. People are becoming less and less willing to compromise with each other. This is dangerous. Our willingness to come together despite our differences has always been the glue that has held this country together. We saw this when 9/11 happened. People banned together. It's sad it takes a national tragedy in order to accomplish such unification. 

That why YOUnity Clothing is important. It's meant to create an avenue where we can get behind something we should all be concerned about no matter our party lines, race, sex, religious beliefs or any other term we use to divide ourselves in smaller sects.

Veterans are human beings. Many of them have been through horrifying experiences that they have no yet comes to terms with. They live with this burden that is toxic to their relationships. They are members of our community. If we are to be strong, then we need all of those members to be there for each other. Many people look at veterans and don't see them as people anymore. Just tools for war or dangers to society. But that is wrong and we need to stop it.

If we saw the homeless person on the street as a person instead of a result of bad choices, then maybe we would have a different perception of their story. That's how I feel about veterans. Do not look at their choices but look at the thing that is most obvious, they are a human being.

Drive on my friends.


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